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Hello & Welcome to the Quarter!

Our Journey

Doron Zilkha embarked on his culinary journey in 1995 when he established a charming café in Hampstead. This quaint café served as the cornerstone of his culinary endeavours, laying the foundation for the remarkable journey that was yet to unfold.

Fast-forward to 2013, and the inception of Every Quarter Restaurant marked a significant milestone in Zilkha’s career. Alongside the birth of Every Quarter came “The Royal Quarter” a dining establishment that epitomizes the values of love, abundance, and community spirit. Since that pivotal moment, Every Quarter Restaurant has blossomed into a beloved fixture within London, boasting four distinctive locations in some of the city’s most prestigious neighbourhoods. With its diverse menu of mouthwatering dishes and a welcoming ambiance that invites local, family and traveller to experience the joy of shared dinning moments.

  • Excellent quality at all times

    Food plays a very important part in our everyday life, and it is key to our feel-good factor. We achieve this by sourcing local produce and authentic product, using seasonal and fresh ingredients, and serving flavoursome, healthy food.
  • Growing local communities

    The commitment is on integrating by creating places where people feel at home and nurturing a close relationship with local neighbours and visitors alike.

Our Core Values

  • Cultural

    Celebrating the cultural diversity of food and tradition.

  • Community

    We love to be part of our local neighbourhood.

  • Abundance

    Embracing the sense of plentifulness through a diverse selection of choices.

  • Craftsmanship

    Dedication in providing high quality food and services.

Our Food

Our dishes serve as a flavourful reflection of our culinary journey. Our commitment is rooted in years of memorable experiences shared with the diverse people who make up our communities. At the heart of our passion is the creation of authentic and delicious menus that celebrate various cultural influences. As we continue to evolve, we define our distinctive cuisine with the goal of delivering uncompromising, unpretentious menus carefully curated to provide a flavour-filled experience. Embark on a culinary adventure that captures the essence of our unique offerings.
    • We use only the finest ingredients in everything we do, we cut no corners and make everything on-site ourselves.
    • Where possible, we source our produce from selected local suppliers. This ensures that the products used in our dishes are fresh and of quality as they are tasty.
  • High quality ingredients

    • Alchemy of herbs and spices is the essence of our difference. We have embraced exciting flavours from East to West in order to create diverse culinary experience.

Quarter Vision

  • Our vision is all about creating warm and inviting spaces where locals can come together to savour, a delightful array of diverse cuisines, fostering a friendly and tight-knit sense of community.

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