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We believe that food has the power to change the world

Our Journey

In 1995, I decided to embark on a food journey, which led us to be where we are today.

With Royal Quarter operating since 2013, this recipe has proven to be the Quarter’s greatest success. But we soon outgrew our capacity, which prompted the opening of our first Royal Artisan Bakery and Royal Sushi to continue our quest of serving our local community.

Our mission statement is about growing local communities and we are humbly proud to be part of yours.

“I believe food, hosting, and creating spaces are the manifestation of my best self, and the Quarter is one of my expression of love.”

Doron Zilkha

  • Excellent quality at all times

    Food plays a very important part in our everyday life, and it is key to our feel-good factor. We achieve this by sourcing local produce and authentic product, using seasonal and fresh ingredients, and serving flavoursome, healthy food.
  • Homey experience

    The Quarter team will make you feel at home from the moment you enter the door, committed to diligent service, our team members will go the extra mile to make your experience a positive and enjoyable one.
  • Aim to please

    Through great food, knowledge of products, efficient and friendly service that aims to please. We never say no.
  • Growing local communities

    The commitment is on integrating by creating places where people feel at home and nurturing a close relationship with local neighbours and visitors alike.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity

    The quality of being honest and fair, the state of being complete or whole. Not limited in any way, complete and absolute.

  • Love

    The innate force and energy that underpins all there is.

  • Abundance

    Having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas, to innovate in ample quantities.

  • Sophistication

    Producing something very special, genuine, of excellent value as a result of being knowledgable.

Our Food

We believe that our food is a reflection of our philosophy, and our philosophy is based on years of memorable experiences and the time shared with the different people that make up our communities. Likewise, our passion is in creating authentic and inventive menus that celebrate these cultural influences as we continue to evolve and define our flavours. Our goal is to create uncompromising, unpretentious menus that have been carefully curated to deliver a flavour-filled experience.

    • We use only the finest ingredients in everything we do, we cut no corners and make everything on-site ourselves.
    • Where possible, we source our produce from selected local suppliers. This ensures that the products used in our dishes are fresh and of quality as they are tasty.
  • High quality ingredients

    • Alchemy of herbs and spices is the essence of our difference. We have embraced exciting flavours from East to West in order to create diverse culinary experience.

Quarter Mind

  • Life becomes complete when we realise that it isn't about us rather than all of those whose lives we touch.

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